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Careers at EKFox

E.K. Fox & Associates, Ltd. is always seeking talented, experienced, and passionate professionals to add to our outstanding team. Our approach to hiring focuses on your demonstration of aptitude, teamwork, energy, and motivation. Skills are important, for sure. Licenses and certifications, no doubt. But we have found that focusing on the resume alone does not predict future performance at EKFox.

Our hiring process involves several interviews with our team leaders that delve into your specific work experiences, interests, and successes. Then, we will attempt to better understand your problem-solving ability by going through several real-world engineering problems to see how you approach and work through technical challenges. Lastly, we take a sharp look at teamwork. We value teamwork so highly here that it is an explicit evaluation in our hiring process. Our project teams are the conduit for producing our products, so having the most productive, well-placed teams is paramount. To that end, as a final candidate, you will take a Teamability® Assessment to better understand your teaming skills, what kind of role or roles you like to play on a team, as well as how you respond to team dynamics, like stress and conflict.

Overall, we strive to identify and hire those engineers that have a strong innate desire to learn, have the ability to get things done, and be a great teammate. If that sounds like you, we hope to meet you in our recruiting process at some point! Explore our current job openings, listed below, to see what positions we’re currently seeking to fill.